Crafty Carnival Bash at Pop Up Street

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Welcome to the Crafty Carnival Bash at Pop Up Street, the ultimate weekend destination for unique private parties designed for tweens, teens, and beyond. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, a milestone, or just looking for a fun get-together, our Crafty Carnival Bash offers a creative and vibrant atmosphere that encourages everyone to explore their artistic side.

Choose from a variety of engaging themes and crafts that cater to diverse interests and personalities. Customize your party with options to select your own food or bring favorite treats, and create the perfect playlist to keep the energy lively, or let us handle the music with tunes that everyone will love.

Our space is equipped with all the materials and inspiration you need to make your event unforgettable. From painting, jewelry making, upcycling and DIY decor, and more, each activity is designed to spark creativity and joy. Plus, our Bluetooth-enabled sound system is ready for your playlists, ensuring the beats keep pumping throughout your celebration.

Book your Crafty Carnival Bash today and transform an ordinary weekend into an extraordinary celebration of creativity, friendship, and fun, perfect for anyone aged 12 and up!