Q:What is Pop Up Street Cape Cod?
A: Pop Up Street Cape Cod is a dynamic platform that celebrates the fusion of art, food, and culture on Cape Cod. We offer a range of events, tours, and collaborations that showcase the talent of local chefs, artists, and artisans.
Q:How can I stay updated about upcoming events and activities?
A:You can stay informed about our latest events, workshops, and collaborations by visiting our website's event calendar, following us on social media, or subscribing to our newsletter.
Q:Do you have a physical location, or are your events held at different venues?
A:We are working on having a permanent physical location. Our events will also be held at various venues across Cape Cod, including local farms, art studios, and community spaces etc.
Q:Can I purchase tickets to your events online?
A:Yes, you can purchase tickets for our events through our website's event pages. Simply select the event you're interested in and follow the instructions for ticket purchase.
Q:Are your events suitable for children and families?
A: Many of our events are family-friendly, but the suitability may vary. Event descriptions on our website will indicate if an event is suitable for children or if there are age restrictions.
Q:How do you support local artists and chefs?
A: We support local artists and chefs by providing a platform for them to showcase their talent. We collaborate with them on events, offer opportunities for exposure, and promote their work through our network.
Q:Can I become a member or artist/vendor with Pop Up Street Cape Cod.
A:We welcome local artists, chefs, and artisans to collaborate with us. To inquire about becoming a member or participating in our events, please contact us through our website.
Q:Is Pop Up Street Cape Cod involved in charitable activities.
A:Yes, we are committed to giving back to the community. We regularly collaborate with local charities and donate a portion of event proceeds to support their causes. Also, $1 from every Merch we sell goes to some of our favorite local charities. 
Q:How can I contact Pop Up Street Cape Cod for further inquiries or collaborations?
A:You can reach out to us through our contact page on the website, or you can email us at info@popupstreetcapecod.com. We're always open to new collaborations and partnerships.
Q:Do you have a retail store where I can purchase local artisan products?
A:We periodically host retail events where you can purchase products from local artists and artisans. Keep an eye on our event calendar for updates on these events.
Q:Can I donate to the artists and artisans?
A:By purchasing any product on our online store, you automatically donate to our local artists, as $1 from every merch sold goes to helping an artist or artisan grow their business. 
Q:Do subscribers get discounts?
A:Pop Up Street Subscribers can check to see which of our artisans are offering discounts. If they are, use the discount code PSCAPECOD for $ off.