The 15 % Local Pledge

Welcome to the 15% Local Pledge Initiative by Pop-Up Street Cape Cod & Designer, Zavia Walker.

About the Initiative
The Local 15% Pledge, spearheaded by Pop-Up Street Cape Cod and its visionary founder Zavia Walker, is a groundbreaking community-driven initiative designed to weave the richness of local talent into the fabric of our economy. By securing a commitment from local businesses to allocate 15% of their shelf space to local artists, artisans, and chefs, we aim to create a vibrant marketplace that celebrates and sustains the unique cultural identity of Cape Cod.
Our Mission: To empower local creatives by providing them with the platform and exposure needed to thrive, while simultaneously enriching our community's economic and cultural landscape.
How It Works
Local Businesses Pledge: Participating businesses dedicate 15% of their shelf space to products created by local talent, offering them an invaluable opportunity for exposure and sales growth.

Support for Local Talent: Artists, artisans, and chefs receive the mentorship, resources, and platform they need to showcase their work, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Pop-Up Street and our partners.

Community Engagement: Through events, workshops, and promotional campaigns, we bring the community together to celebrate and support the wealth of talent in our midst.
For Local Businesses: Diversify your offerings with unique, locally made products, attract more customers, and strengthen your community ties.

For Artists, Artisans, and Chefs: Gain invaluable retail exposure, connect with a broader audience, and become a celebrated part of Cape Cod’s vibrant economy.

For the Community: Enjoy a richer cultural landscape, support local economy sustainability, and take pride in knowing that your patronage directly contributes to the flourishing of local talent.

How to Get Involved

Local Businesses: Join the pledge and make a lasting impact on your community while enriching your product offerings.

Local Creatives: Apply to have your products featured in local businesses and receive the support you need to grow.

Community Members: Support the initiative by shopping local and participating in our events.

Objectives of the 15% Pledge

    Promote Local Talent: Elevate the visibility of local artists, artisans, and chefs by providing them a platform to showcase and sell their work in established local businesses.
      Strengthen Community Bonds: Foster a sense of community pride and connection by highlighting the rich tapestry of talent within our own neighborhoods.
        Boost the Local Economy: Encourage the flow of spending within the community, supporting local jobs, and fostering economic resilience.
          Enhance Cultural Vibrancy: Celebrate and proliferate the cultural diversity and creativity that our local talents bring to the community's overall identity.
            Encourage Sustainable Practices: By prioritizing local products, we aim to reduce the environmental impact associated with long-distance transportation and packaging.

              Foster Collaboration and Growth: Create opportunities for mentoring and networking among local businesses and creatives, encouraging innovation and collaboration.


              For Local Artists, Artisans, and Chefs
              The Pledge allows you to showcase your work in prominent local businesses, opening up new avenues for exposure and sales. Whether you're a painter, sculptor, jeweler, ceramicist, chef, or any other type of creative, this initiative offers you a unique platform to reach a wider audience and become a celebrated part of the local economy.
              How to Get Involved:
              Application Process: Complete a simple application detailing your work, your story, and how you believe your products can enrich the local marketplace.

              Selection and Mentorship: If selected, you'll receive guidance and support from industry experts and mentors, helping you refine your product and business strategy.

              Showcase Your Work: Partner with local businesses committed to the 15% Pledge and see your products featured in their spaces.
              For Local Businesses
              By pledging 15% of your shelf space to local creators, you're not just selling products; you're investing in the community's cultural richness and economic health. This pledge is an opportunity to diversify your offerings, attract new customers, and demonstrate your commitment to the community.
              Benefits of Participating:
              Community Engagement: Strengthen your business's ties to the community by supporting local talent.
              Unique Offerings: Diversify your product lineup with unique, locally made items that can't be found elsewhere.
              Marketing Support: Benefit from the collective marketing efforts of the 15% Local Pledge, driving more customers to your business.

              How to Participate:

              Commitment: Agree to allocate 15% of your shelf space to products from local artists, artisans, and chefs.
              Collaboration: Work with us to select products that align with your business values and customer interests.
              Promotion: Join in our community-wide marketing campaigns to highlight your involvement and the unique local products you offer.

              Look Out For Our Information Session Where We Will Discuss More About The 15% Local Pledge.