Pop Up Street Cape Cod is always looking for talented artists and artisans to join our vibrant community and share their expertise. In line with our mission to create dynamic spaces for creativity and connection, we offer the opportunity to teach classes and workshops at our pop-up locations. If you have a workshop idea or a skill you'd like to teach, we invite you to reach out through our contact form. Let us know your proposed class or workshop details, including the subject, preferred time and date, and pricing. Once approved, we will schedule your session and assist in promoting it to our enthusiastic local audience. This is a fantastic way to engage with the community, expand your reach, and inspire others with your artistic passion and knowledge.
We also offer our space to artists and artisans looking to have a special event.
Use this Contact – Pop Up Street Cape Cod form to sign up to teach a workshop, or to let us know of an event you would like to have. Tell us the days and times, type of event or workshop, and any other important information that you think we need to know.