Summer Camp

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Week 1: Introduction and Basic Techniques

  • Monday, July 8: Orientation and Art in Fashion Design

Introduction to the camp, basic fashion design concepts, and project goals.

  • Tuesday, July 9: Fabric Painting Techniques

Learn stenciling, spraying, and free-hand painting methods.

  • Thursday, July 11: Upcycling

Explore textile manipulation techniques through upcycling.

  • Friday, July 12: Basic Sewing and Embroidery

Master basic stitches, sewing machine usage, and embroidery.


Week 2: Advanced Design Techniques and Accessory Making

  • Monday, July 15: Advanced Fabric Decoration

Dive into fabric marbling techniques.

  • Tuesday, July 16: Accessory Design - Jewelry Making

Create necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with various materials.

  • Thursday, July 18: Integrating Technology with Fashion

Learn to use LEDs and other wearable technologies in designs.

  • Friday, July 19: Project Work Day

Work on individual projects with instructor guidance.

Week 3: Project Completion and Fashion Show Preparation

  • Monday, July 22: Finalizing Fashion Projects

Focus on final touches and detailing for the projects.

  • Tuesday, July 23: Rehearsal and Choreography

Initial runway presentation rehearsal.

  • Thursday, July 25: Dress Rehearsal

Full dress rehearsal with final outfit adjustments.

  • Friday, July 26: Fashion Show

Morning: Final preparations and setup.

Afternoon/Evening: Fashion show showcasing participants' creations.

Secure your spot today and be part of an exciting and creative summer experience into the world of wearable art.